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Semester started well

I have been going to SRU 2 days a week and I have been going to Pitt 3 days a week. Pray for all the students I have shared the gospel with on the college campuses. I have had tons of conversations. I have been bringing different signs with me to start conversations. The first couple of weeks I brought the IQ test  sign with me. This past week I created a sign that says Do you believe in Heaven? Hell?

Asking the students to mark down if they believed in Heaven or Hell really helped get the conversations going. If they said they believed in heaven and hell I asked if they would go to heaven? Then I asked them if they were a good person. If they did not believe in either I gave them a talk about evolution. Either way it was a great way to get the students thinking.

I had a booth at the West Deer Festival. It was a great event. I plan to sign up next year. These two young men came back to hear the gospel message a second time.  Please pray that the message is not taken from them.

I was given the opportunity to spend several days in OC Maryland witnessing again this month. I was able to talk to many people. These two were JW’s and it was cool to talk to them then they were not standing at their stand. They were more willing to talk. I explained God’s justice and explained why there had to be an eternal hell. I also showed them that Jesus must be God and needs to be an eternal being or there is no salvation. They talked to be for a good long time. Pray they repent and trust the one true Jesus.

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