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CCN University of Texas December Newsletter

I think not!

“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose.” ~Romans 8:28 ESV

Earlier this month, I was at the park witnessing, when a homeless man came up to me and started a conversation. Before leaving, he asked me what my favorite Bible verse was and I told him that it was Romans 8:28. To my surprise, he pulled out a bracelet from his backpack with the words of Romans 8:28 written on it. He gave the bracelet to me as a gift. Was this a coincidence? was it something that occurred by random chance? Most unbelievers would say that it was. But to a Christian, we see this not as a coincidence but as a display of God’s providential care for us. You see through this homeless man’s gift God was reminding me of the promise contained in that verse. The promise that “all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose.”

            What is so special about this verse is the fact that it states that “ALL” things work together for good. All things include our trials and tribulations, and our difficulties. It includes political turmoil, racial tension, and even a pandemic.

So, how exactly do all things work together for good? Well, the answer to this is not always evident, and in fact, we may not even know how this is so on this side of heaven. But the truth is that we worship a God who is completely sovereign, good and trustworthy. So, when He tells us in His word that He will work all things out for good, then we simply take Him at His word. We place our complete trust in a God who is sovereign, who is good, and who is trustworthy!

            Father, we thank you that you have shown yourself to be sovereign, to be good, and to be trustworthy. Would you help us to trust in you more and more? Would you help us to trust in you even when it seems difficult? Lord, we praise you and we thank you for this past year with all its difficulties and challenges. Lord, we look forward to what you would have in store for us in 2021.

Ministry Update

    • Campus ministry was a little slow this month since the university closed down due to COVID restrictions and a lot of the students left for home for the holidays. 
    • We continued our Systematic Theology for the first two weeks of December, but then put it on hold for the last two weeks. 
    • We continued witnessing at Republic Square every Saturday. We were joined by several friends of the ministry this month, such as John Hedberg, Jacob Miller (Killen Bible Church), David and Ana Maria Santisteban (CapCity Gospel).
    • We had many, many fruitful conversations. Please keep those individuals in your prayers. 
    • We stopped by the local abortion clinic at the beginning of the month to preach the gospel and to hold signs depicting the atrocities that occur there. 

Praise Reports

  • We praise God for the many fruitful conversations that we had at the park. In particular, our sister Ana Maria shared the gospel in Spanish with a gentleman at the park and the he was in tears from the conviction of his own sin and the grace that he was shown in Christ.
  • We praise God for quality time spent with family during the university closure. Several of us spent New Years eve together discussing how God had blessed us this past year and what we look forward to this upcoming year.
  • We praise God that Campus Leader’s Thomas’ wife’s surgery was successful and she is recovering well. 

Prayer Request

  • Please pray for the upcoming semester. Pray that we would be able to reach more students than ever before. 
  • Please pray for the individuals that come out and share the gospel with us. Pray for the health, their well-being, their safety.
  • Pray that God will continue to raise up more laborers within our own churches. 

Campus Leader Thomas Foster sharing the gospel at Republic Square. 

Jacob Miller from Killen Bible Church sharing about the evils of abortion and the truth of the gospel. 

Ana Maria from CapCity Gospel sharing the gospel with a gentleman at the park. 

Brother John Hedberg preaching the gospel at Republic Square. 

Campus Leader Thomas and his family helping out a sister in need. 

Are you going to heaven or hell? How do you know? Campus Leader Tom sharing the gospel. 

Campus Leader Francisco sharing the gospel at Republic Square. 

New Year’s Celebration! 

Meet Mr. [not so] nice guy!!!

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