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Every Christian can share the gospel

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Jen had several conversations this month where she shared the gospel with people while she was out with friends.  The conversations were not started to share the gospel but they opened themselves up to the gospel.  In one of the conversations, a person behind her was listening to the conversation.  Jen turned around and had the person join the conversation.  The guy mentioned that he is catholic and carries tons of guilt and shame.  Jen explained that he did not have to carry guilt and shared the gospel.  Jesus lived a perfect life and never sinned.  Jesus died on the cross and rose from the grave.  When Jesus died on the cross that is him paying your fine in full if you repent and trust in Jesus.  Jesus also credits His perfectly lived life to those that repent and trust Jesus.  Jen told him to take off that backpack of guilt and shame and put on the Lord Jesus.  He thanked her. His son that was at the table remembered Jen when he used to be a student at IUP.

Later on that same day she saw a person reading a book with a cool title.  She wanted to know what the book was about.  The book was about economics.  He was a TA getting his Master’s degree in economics.  He asked her what she does and she told him she is a Jesus Freak.  Turns out he grew up in the church and did not know why he walked away from Christianity.  His brother is a missionary.  Jen gave him her testimony and made sure he knew the gospel since many go to church for years without hearing the gospel.

Anyone can share the gospel.  You need to pray for God to use you and steer the conversation in that way.  When there are openings you need to take them.

Jen’s Aunt put on Facebook that she is not sleeping at night and it was God making her pay for past sins.  Jen’s sister answered with the gospel.  That the aunt could repent and trust Jesus and the payment for her sins would be on Jesus. 

When people say things that are not Biblical they are opening the door for you to give the truth and the gospel.  We pray you will take those opportunities and share the gospel with others.

Andre and Cliff’s team had a great month of outreaches in Easter PA.  They have had several people coming out each week to share the gospel alongside them on Friday nights.

We will be praying for many Christians to decide to share the gospel this year.  We are praying for you to share the gospel this month.  If you need training please email us and we will help you.

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