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Opportunities to Mentor

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Terrell doing the IQ test above for the first time. Terrell recently joined Andre’s church. Terrell ask Andre to mentor him in evangelism. Please pray for Terrell’s continued growth.

We are back to Bible study and Evangelism training at East Carolina University. These young men are
learning to share their faith. These young men are unique. They wanted a group that was about
studying the Bible instead of the entertainment that many ministries us to draw students. So many
today have an entertainment-based faith, but these young men want the Word of God, the Bread of
Life. Weekly we meet for two hours for fellowship, food, and Bible study.

Thomas, Tom and Francisco went to the capital in Austin Texas and there were over 40,000 people at a pro-life event. They were able to share the gospel with many people. 

While Tom was on campus this month he talked to two different students who said they had no reason to not repent and trust Jesus.  Tom prayed with them and invited the students to Bible Study. Please pray the students truly do repent and trust Jesus and get into fellowship.

Tim goes to proclaim the gospel to those getting on and off the Ferries.  Thousands hear the gospel via Tim each year.

Last Saturday Jen went downtown to share the gospel. This gentleman heard the gospel and thanked Jenifer for sharing the good new with him.

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