Repent and Witness 2013

August was full of great ministry.  I was in NYC for 10 days.  First I attended the Leadership Summit where members met the new Leadership of CCN.  We talked about the Vision of CCN: to evangelize the lost and disciple the found.  We are going to train up the next generation of soul winning leaders.  Every one of the Campus Leaders was greatly encouraged by the direction.  We made changes to the way this will be run.  Campus Leaders now have more control over what happens on their own campuses, and they are now being financially supported for many of their costs by the ministry now.

Next was Repent and Witness, which is 4 days and 4 nights of witnessing.  We hand out tracts and open-air evangelize and witness 1 -2 -1.  We went to places like Union Square, Washington Square, Times Square, and Central Park.  We preached in each location and we even preached on the subway system while going from 1 location to another.  Here is a picture of our Repent and Witness missionaries.

I enjoyed sharing the gospel with large crowds in Washington Square.

We had church outside on Sunday and we had some of out hecklers from Saturday join us for the service. We has several people that open air preached this week as well. We often use trivia and IQ tests to gather a crowd to share the gospel.

We preached at the Staton Island Fairy and thousands of people get to hear the gospel.

Next I helped out at Jesus Loves Chinatown. You can just see by the picture below the number of people that went out and shared the gospel. I was able to teach and lead a group. Many people were very encouraged and tons of people heard the gospel.

That finished my 10 day tour in NYC, but not my ministry for the month.

After returning home, I ran a booth at the Richland Community Days.  It was cool that we were able to talk to people that we had talked to the year before.  Everyone who stopped by went through the gospel and got a teddy bear, a tract and a Bible (if they wanted one).  I got a letter from the township thanking us for participating in the event.  It is a great day when you can share the gospel and get asked to come back and do it next year.

The following week I took a team down to the Planned Parenthood.  This was the first time down there for some and the second time for others.  Some of my team had does this for years.  We ended up driving a young lady home from downtown who was having issues.  We talked to many people before they went in.  We pray that some of those people that were going into make an appointment decided not to have an abortion.

Finally the fall semester began at Pitt and at SRU.  I have been able to share the gospel with many students already.  I talked to one young man named Cory.  I walked him through the Law and he told me he would end up in hell.  When I asked him how he might go to heaven he explained the gospel but told me that he did not think he had repented.  I explained the gospel to him and then told him to read his Bible.  He told me he was going back to his dorm room to read the Bible passages and to repent.  Pray for this young man.  It is such a blessing to be able to serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank You so much for your support.  I would not be able to do all of these things without your support.

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