Repent & Witness 2018, Local Outreach Booths, Rep and Prep

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With August there certainly came the heat but that’s not all this month brought forth. Through CCN the LORD spread the gospel like wildfire!  

Repent & Witness

In what has become one of CCN’s largest annual outreaches in one of the most diverse cities in the U.S. hundreds have come under the sound of the Gospel call in the gritty streets and subways of New York City through faithful disciples of Christ and campus missionaries. 

R&W Team 2018

Doubly Blessed

Over the years God has blessed CCN with many outreach opportunities in our local communities.  This month CCN had not one but TWO outreach booths in Pittsburgh running simultaneously – Christian Praise Fest and Richland Community Days!  Please pray to the Lord of the Harvest that as He continues to provide increasing opportunities for ministry He will also send forth laborers into His harvest (Mt. 9:38).  

Rep & Prep

Representing not only our Savior and Lord but the CCN ministry as well aboard college campuses takes a great deal of preparation.  This is why at the beginning of each school year CCN participates in what is called “Rep & Prep”.  Please pray for our Campus Leaders and their students whom their disciples, that they would successfully labor towards reaching their goals and objectives for the 2018-2019 school year.

MC3 representing!

CCN representing @Pitt!

A Special Message For Our Donors…  

Finally, CCN would like to thank all of our donors for their continued support of this ministry. Your faithful contributions make this possible!

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