CCN Campus Leader Spotlight: Timothy Jackson

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Meet Timothy Jackson. Born in Portsmouth, Virginia Tim resides there to this day where he is currently doing ministry for God as Campus Leader to Tidewater Community College Portsmouth Campus. Tim first heard about Christian Collegian Network (CCN) through Living Waters ministry on one of their On the Box episodes online. After the episode concluded he visited CCN’s website to find out more about their ministry and decided to submit an application. Tim joined CCN in 2013 and credits the ministry with helping him become an effective Campus Leader by providing him with the quality resource material needed to be successful. 

Tim believes that the reward of being a Campus Leader is “you make an impact on students lives”. Regardless of whether students accept the gospel or reject it Tim notes that”it’s my job as a Campus Leader to prepare students for their eternal future (where they’re going to spend eternity) as well as equipping Christians to defend their faith and to biblically share the gospel.” Tim fondly remembers the time when one of his students returned just to tell him that he’s repented and trusted in Jesus Christ. He still keeps in contact with this former student as he continues to grow in his walk with God. 

Tim’s favorite Bible verse is Romans 1:16 and if you were to ask him why he would tell you confidently its because “I know there is power in the gospel to transform people’s lives”.

Tim knows first hand of the trans-formative power of the gospel. When he was a child it was Tim’s parents who read the Bible to him every night. “One night” Tim recalls, “after my parents read to me about what the gospel was, I decided to repent of my sins and trust alone in Jesus for my salvation.” Upon his conversion God gave Tim “a passion within my heart” to reach the lost with the gospel. Wasting no effort, Tim began in his hometown by sharing the gospel with students at his school and soon joined the evangelism team at his church. What motivated Tim to start evangelizing was the fate of the unsaved, knowing they would go to hell if they died in their sins. “This is why evangelism is so important to me as a follower of Christ, because I want people to repent and trust alone in Jesus, so they can have eternal life in heaven as a free gift.”

You can learn more about Tim’s campus ministry and upcoming outreach events by visiting his blog on the Locate Campus Chapter page. Click on Tidewater Community College for more info.

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