Love Thy Neighbor

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When questioned one day during His earthly ministry by a lawyer concerning the greatest commandment of the law, Jesus reminded us that we are to love God and our neighbor (Mt. 22:35-39).

With February hosting a nationally recognized holiday of “love” (Valentine’s Day) what better way to show some love than to share the sweet sweet message of the Gospel?

Last month CCN President Jenifer and several others handed out 500 copies of “What time is Purple?” at Slippery Rock University.  The 3 young men in the picture heard the gospel and believed it was good news.  None of them could give Jen a reason that they should not repent and trust Jesus.  Please pray for these young men.  To learn more about “What time is purple?” click here.

Campus Leader Gene had a great discussion with a student named Nick aboard the Pitt Campus.  As Gene started through the law, the young man briefly interrupted to announce that he was an atheist. Filled with compassion Gene instinctively cried out “Nick! Your much smarter than that!”  The young smiled and thanked Gene as he graciously accepted a gospel tract prior to departing.

Campus Leader Timothy Jackson had a welcome surprise this past month. After much prayer and witnessing on campus a student showed up with Bible in hand ready for fellowship and to study God’s word! Please continue to pray that more students would join Tim and this young man for weekly Bible study.

Finally, please pray for the success of CCN’s Campus Mission Tour which is just a few short weeks away!  Campus Leader Andre has been working tirelessly all year to ensure this year’s conference goes off without a hitch.   Please pray for the speakers who will be teaching at this event and that many from all over the tri-state area will come and learn about Biblical evangelism. 

Thank you once more for your continued support and prayers.  Outreach and conferences are only made possible through partners like you. Thank you!

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you,


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