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Sharing the gospel in the spring

Tom went to the capital this month and shared the gospel on Saturdays. Pray for everyone that stopped and talked to Tom and heard the gospel message.

Mary went to NC State this month and met a  young man we will call Dee. Dee was pleasant and easy to talk to, he had a great smile and a wonderful personality. Mary shared the gospel with him but he was just not interested. He was thankful for whoever gave him life because he was blessed. However, Dee, felt that he didn’t owe whatever god created him anything but thankfulness. At this time on campus, he is getting quite a bit of notoriety from people who would never notice him because of a position that he has on campus. There have been many suicides this past year at NC State And Dee is in the mental health program. Frat boys who would never have anything to do with him now have his number and call and ask him for advice. Dee is impressed  with himself. That is such a dangerous place to be in.

The Bible tells us in Proverbs 20:6, that many a person proclaim their own love, goodness, and loyalty. It ends with, but who can find a trustworthy person?  Since the Bible says that the heart is deceitful above all else and desperately wicked, and no one can trust it, we’re in trouble when we think more of ourselves than we should. Because someone will soon come along that will get the attention that we had. And if we’re trusting in the attention we get from others when it’s gone, we feel jipped. 
Dee is refusing to acknowledge and trust the one true God, instead., he is trusting in his own good works. What a dangerous place to be. Because one day the ice will thin and it will crack and  Dee will fall into the abyss of death.  The only goodness left that Dee will have is dirty rags. 
Just as  Dee desires attention from people on campus to make him feel whole, a wholeness that is fleeting and fading that will not last. God desires us to acknowledge him as a lawgiver, king, and judge. Whether or not Dee will do that, I don’t know.  Dee will one day bow his knee before Jesus Christ. If Dee does not repent and trust in Christ, and he continues to trust in himself, he will never know Jesus as his savior. It is appointed once for man to die then men will be judged. Please pray for Dee.

Pottstown was alive for the gospel this month. Andre has been taking people from his church out to share the gospel. We love when churches come together and go out and share the gospel. Para-Church ministries need to exist to build up the church and we at CCN love the Church. We want to partner with churches to help them reach their neighborhoods. We offer training to the local churches for free. We will come and train up your church and take you out into your neighborhoods to share the gospel message. Andre had his pastor and other members of his church out sharing the gospel. 

Here Jen is pictured, sharing the gospel with a young man that believes that everyone gets to heaven. Pray he understands that God is just and must punish sin where ever it is found, just like the Bible says. She shared the gospel with him. SRU decided to create free speech zones which means there is no free speech there anymore.  Pray for the gospel to be effective at SRU.

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