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People taking the gospel seriously

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Frank was preaching the gospel and this gentleman stood there and listened for a very long time. He took a Bible and read it while Frank read from it. Tears came to his face as he listened. Please pray for this man to repent and trust Jesus.

At IUP, a student came over to talk to us and he listened intently and asked questions for a long time. He heard the gospel and understood and is thinking about trusting in Christ. He said it was a big decision and he did not want to take it lightly. It is a good sign when someone is really taking the decision to trust Christ seriously

Bible Study in Pottstown is going strong. Pray for everyone that is there each week to learn to share the gospel. A few of these guys have been going out and sharing on Wednesday night so this is a great discipleship opportunity.


Jen has had many long conversations about the gospel this month at IUP, SRU and Pitt. Please pray that many would repent and trust in Jesus.

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