Dwelling Together in Unity

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It’s been said that, as a Christian, if you do not have anyone to go out evangelizing with then go and make disciples!

Christian Collegian Network is committed to doing just that. Each week Campus Missionaries take to their local college campuses to evangelize the lost and disciple the found.

Campus Leader Gene pictured here with Jeff, a second-year law student, writes “Another good night on Pitt campus. It was so so c-o-l-d!! But I did get to share the law and Gospel and hand out a lot of tracts with invitations to the Bible Study”. Despite the frigid temps aboard the University of Pittsburgh Gene is able to have a little fun also with students by taking them through the ever-popular IQ test and Good Person test. After taking the test and admitting he was guilty and would go to hell Gene asked Jeff, “Do you know what God did so you don’t have to go there?” Hesitating for a moment Jeff replied, “Reconciliation?” “Yes!” answered Gene emphatically. “God does offer reconciliation but how does that come about?” Gene then employed the courtroom scenario tactic which offers a vivid illustration of humanity’s desperate need for the Savior and God’s merciful grace. He said, “If you’re a criminal in the courtroom and your fine is way beyond what you can pay but that a man comes in and hands you the exact amount of your fine and you in turn receive, accept and give to the judge then can say, ‘Your fine is paid, you have met the requirement of the law, you are free to go, case closed’. That is exactly what Jesus accomplished for you on the cross in order for you to be set free from sin and death!” Jeff then responded by saying to Gene that that was a great analogy, a perspective that most students have never heard before. Gene then invited Jeff to the Bible Study he hosts each week on Wednesday evenings and said that Jeff was very open to getting together for lunch also. Please pray that they will. Gene feels that Jeff is right there, ready to come to Christ. Gene was also able to share his personal testimony with Jeff on how he and his wife came to Christ when they were both seniors in college. It was a great talk. Pray God brings Jeff home.

Recently, CCN President Jenifer went out witnessing all day and got to do so with a new friend named LaRissa. “It was awesome!” she writes and thinks that the two will become good friends. That day there were many wonderful conversations. One, in particular, was with a young high school student named Desiree who confessed that while she attends Christian events she has never put her trust in Jesus. Jen talked with Desiree for 20 minutes about the Christian walk while holding an umbrella over their heads protecting them from the rain. Jen and LaRissa later met a woman that believes in Jesus but did not trust that Jesus pays the fine for repentant sinners. The woman thanked them for sharing the gospel but it took some time for her to understand. Jen also did some video interviews that day. “Watching them afterward” she admits “is hard”. Acknowledging the fact that critiquing one’s own evangelism techniques can be rather difficult but in the end proves useful in improving witnessing conversations. Stay tuned for links to these interviews.

Finally, Psalm 133 reminds us “Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity!” (v.1). Last year brothers and sisters in Christ flocked to Pottstown, PA for the 2019 CCN Campus Mission Tour led by Andre Goff and hosted by Second Baptist Church. Campus Mission Tour (CMT) is a highly strategic mission trip designed to bring Christians and Christian college students to various campuses in order to reach college students through the use of evangelism. CCN tactically trains each Christian on how to share the gospel and reach the unsaved for Christ. Registration for CMT 2020 is now open. Go to www.changeyourcampus.com/cmt and sign up today!

“Please, remember when you get to heaven you will never talk to a lost person again but down here they are everywhere.” – Gene Henderson, Campus Leader, University of Pittsburgh

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you!


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