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Times are changing and so are we

During these strange times, we have found new ways to share the gospel with people. We have been going to new locations and using new tools. There are a few things that have not changed. The Gospel has not changed. One of our favorite ways to get gospel conversations going is using the IQ test and that has not changed. We use it all the time at most of the college campuses. It is a great way to start the conversation off on a positive note.

Telescope Evangelism

Campus Leader Gene found a great way to start conversations. The Bible says that people know there is a God because of creation. So we can use creation to start conversations. This month has been a wonderful month to see Mars and Jupiter. College students loved looking at the stars!

Evangelism in Pottstown

Our President Jen visited Pottstown this month and enjoyed witnessing with Andre and Cliff in Pottstown. They have a large group of Christians that go out witnessing with them each week from several different churches. It is very exciting to see Christian churches coming together to share the gospel.

Timothy preaching in Williamsburg Virginia

In Virginia Campus Leader Timothy has been finding new places to share the gospel. He was at the shore during the summer. He joined up with some others to witness with them at Williamsburg Virginia. He felt odd just preaching in the street but that is where they were allowed to preach. There were plenty of people to hear the gospel.

Tom and Thomas at the Farmers Market

The Campus Leaders in Austin have started going to the local farmers market to share the gospel on Saturdays. There are people coming and going from this location. Many people have heard the gospel at this location each week.

Next month we will be excited to share the new ways we will be sharing the gospel. We are very excited about the new avenues we have found to share the gospel!

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