Two years ago a young man got saved

Praise Jesus!  Two weeks ago I got a text saying. Hi my name is Joe and you are my evangelist.  I was like” What does that mean?”  He said 2 years ago you shared the gospel with me at SRU, gave me a Bible and told me to read Romans.  Now, I am saved and I want to go out witnessing with you.  Today we had lunch. Then we shared the gospel in Pittsburgh.  The usual witnessing crew was with us.  He has a heart for the lost and did a great job sharing the gospel.  He has watched tons of Ray Comfort videos to learn to share the gospel before we met this second time.

After lunch we went and witnessed too people and Joe had many great conversations.  Frank is on the left.  He heard the gospel 2 times.  He thought he could get to heaven being a good person and doing enough good.  We explained the gospel and then answered many of his questions.

This past Thursday I talked to a young man named Brandon.  Pray for Brandon.  He has been reading the Bible for the last two days and could not sleep.  He read about the wrath of God.  He decided that if he saw me he was going to talk to me.  He said he was thinking about the things of God since the last time he saw me on campus.  He sees the world a new way.  I explained a very long version of the gospel to him.  He was like that is exactly what I needed to hear.  Please pray for him.  I will be meeting with him next week to give him some books and such.

I handed out 600 Gospel of Johns this month.  The students took them very ]quickly.  It is always fun to hand out these small books. 

At IUP, I talked to a young man named Matt.  I asked him if he died today would he go to heaven or hell.  He told me he was Catholic and was not sure if he had done enough good.  He told me he goes to confession and goes to mass.  I walked him through the good person test and showed him he would end up in Hell.  I explained the gospel to him and he was very happy.  I showed him that it is not about what he does to earn his salvation it is about what Jesus had already done on the cross by paying his fine.  I talked to him about the difference between imputed and infused righteousness.  I told him that Catholics believe that a person is infused with righteousness every time they go get the wafer. I told him that the Bible says we have imputed righteousness.  Meaning Jesus paid it all.  Our sins are paid for on the cross and the righteous life that Jesus lived is credited to us.  I told him about a local good church.  I pray that he will repent and believe the gospel. He thanked me for the encouragement.

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