The Lord is moving in Mighty Ways

Last week we had 2 babies saved at the abortion clinic.  I talked to both of the women.  I have no idea why each of them really decided to not abort the babies.  The mothers said different things but nothing seemed like the real reason they left.  Both went in and did not seem to be moved by what we said.  Both left before they could have an abortion and did not really want to talk to us but when we talked to them they said they changed their mind.  I praise Jesus that 2 babies were saved.  I have been down at the clinic on average 2 days a week this past month.  These people you see with me have been going almost every day the clinic has been open for 30 years.  They are warriors for Life.

We had a pastor come down and tell us he is going to get others to come down to the clinic every day.  We told him we would love that.  I meet with him at Panera  and we talked about ministry.  He was very excited about what CCN does in Pittsburgh.  Pray that pastor does get his congregation more involved in ministry.

I had a wonderful time doing kids’ clubs this month.  We did balloon stomps, water balloons the one week.  Another week we did call sorts of games with ball tosses.  At each kids club, we do a memory verse doing a hangman game.  I also teach the kids about Jesus by telling a story and painting. I have even had parents ask questions after the talks.  We have gone over the birth of Jesus, Herod, and the wise men, the shepherds in the fields, Jesus being baptized, Jesus being tested. I will continue to go here each week. 

I have been going downtown to witness on Saturdays as well.  I had a conversation with a lady the last weekend in June that was so wonderful.  She had heard the gospel last year but did not do anything with it.  She was grateful to hear it again.  After she heard  a very long version of the gospel she had questions.  Actually she wanted to know about icons.  It was the first time I had heard this question which is odd because I have not had one that I did not have an answer to in a while.  I told her they were probably idols but I did not know where she was getting it from.  It turns out icons is from the Greek Orthodox Church.  The Greek Orthodox Church is big into icons.  They are sacred works or art that are used to give devotions to in Greek and Catholic churches. 

Remember that if someone asks you a questions you do not have the answer to then that is the subject I to look up next.  You were not supposed to have an answer to that person but for the next one who asks.  It is always okay to tell people you do not know.

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  1. John b

    Hi Jen,
    Great to hear about the ministry you do. I am thankful to be a small part of the ongoing work of our Lord through His faithful servant. Jesus be praised. We love you Jen.

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