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Witnessing to my son’s friends on campus

Students that graduated with my son are on the college campuses this year.  It has been very interesting to witness to these young people and find out they know my son or one of his friends.  While witnessing at SRU, I shared the gospel with a young man and then he told me he loved football.  I asked him what high school he went to and he went to the same one that my sons go to.  I asked if he knew my son’s best friend and he did.  He told me a story about him getting beat up at school.  He was somewhat confused about why he was not liked by some of the other kids.  He was very impressed that my son’s friend played well and had a good attitude even though he got beat up.  I explained that my son’s friend was disliked because he is a Christian.  Everything made a lot more sense to the young man I was witnessing to after he understood.  It was also a good testimony to this young man because he respected my son’s friend’s actions in the face of turmoil.

At Pitt this past week, I had a young man named Thomas come over and thank us for telling the students about Jesus.  He loved the way we did it.  He said we were the nice ones that come on to campus to share the gospel.  He explained that he is catholic and runs a Bible study on campus.  We talked to him about the difference between imputed and infused righteousness.   I explained that Christians have imputed righteousness.  God lived a perfect life and credits that perfect life to us when we repent and trust in Jesus.  God also paid the fine for our sins, past, present and future when we repent and trust in Jesus.  I told him that as a Catholic he believes that the baptism covers his past sins only and he needs to get infused righteousness when he takes that bread and wine each week.  I explained that Catholics believe that during the mass when they turn the bread and wine into the blood and flesh of Jesus and he is sacrificed again.  He did not believe me but we looked up the priest’s prayer so he could see that we were right.  We were meeting my son for lunch and he joined us at the end of the conversation and it turned out that he went to school with the young man and had witnessed to him in school several years ago in class.  

There were other students that my sons knew that heard the gospel from me this month.  Please pray for these young men that heard the gospel.

We created new tracts and I got them printed up.  I have loved the conversations that I have gotten into using these new tracts.  I show people that the world has issues because people break God’s laws.  Many groups of people are trying to make a utopia but they will always fail because there is sin in the world.  I walk them through God making everything perfect and Adam and Eve deciding to eat from the tree of knowledge of right and wrong.  In this they were saying no God we are going to do things our way.  When you look around at the world you can see where we get doing things our way.  God is going to remake the world perfectly and this place is called heaven.  God sent his son Jesus to die on the cross for the sins of those that repent and trust Jesus.  He lived a perfect life and credits it to them as well.  That perfect utopia that everyone is looking for is heaven.  If you want to end up there you need to repent and trust Jesus.  It will be perfect because there will be no sin because everyone that is there knows that we ruined the world doing things our way and that doing it God’s way is the only way.  It will be heaven because Jesus will be there, our wonderful savior.  

It has been another wonderful month of sharing the gospel with students.  Please continue to pray for the students.

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