Covid 19 Brings Changes to East Carolina Campus

Yesterday I decided to take a walk around ECU campus. I wanted to see what guidelines that the campus is putting in place for this year. There is so much uncertainty in our world today. Who would have thought we would be wearing masks as we go through our daily activities.

If you think about it all of us have been wearing masks for our entire lives. Many times we chose to wear the mask of confidence however on the inside we are shaking with fear. There are times that we wear a mask to fit into a certain group. Maybe we wear a mask of humility, but we are quite prideful at heart. So, if you are complaining of covering your face because of Corona Virus maybe the mask you need to deal more specifically with is the mask you wear in front of others to impress.

There is not one person that can mask their sin from God. He sees through every deception. The first two image-bearers, Adam and Eve, thought that they could mask their disobedience by hiding from our Father in heaven. He saw right through them, and he can see through you too. There is hope for this world in the form of Jesus Christ. He is keenly aware of every deception, and disobedient act. He allowed Himself to be masked in the flesh of man to live a sinless life, and ultimately take the punishment on our behalf for breaking God’s Law.

It is essential to wear these masks during this time to protect each other from the possibility of transmitting the Coronavirus. It is also essential that we look at ourselves honestly and realize that we can not hide our true selves from God. Just as we are desperate for a cure for COVID 19 you should be just as desperate to know and trust in the Rescuer of this world Jesus Christ. I will be wearing a mask as I speak with the Pirate Nation this year, but I hope that the students will see that I love and care for them as I share the Good News of the gospel on campus. Please be in prayer for me as I begin my missionary journey this year at ECU.

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