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New Gospel Tracts

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During a meeting with Andre and Cliff last year Andre said something brilliant and he did not know how brilliant it was until Cliff and I repeated what he said back to him.  I asked him to do a teaching at Repent and Witness based on what he said.  I also asked him to create a tract to go with the teaching.  He did this.  I went through and cleaned it up, edited it and then printed them by hand for Repent and Witness.  We loved them so much that I decided to change it up a little bit more and have it designed and printed by Tract Planet.  You can see it here.

I normally start the conversations saying: Everyone is looking for utopia.  The Republicans and Democrats are both trying to create a utopia but both will fail because people break God’s laws.  You look around at the world and you can see that things are not as they should be.   God created everything perfectly and it was good.  Adam and Eve decided they wanted to do things their way and they ate from the tree of knowledge of right and wrong.  Death and pain and suffering came into the earth because if their sin.  You look around at the world and you can see that doing things our way is not working.  God made a way for us to go back to that utopia, and that fellowship that we had with God.  We broke fellowship with God when sin entered the world.  However, God sent his son Jesus to live a perfect life and die on the cross for the sins of those that repent and trust in Jesus.  He rose from the grave on the third day and assented into heaven 40 days later and is seated at the right hand of the father.  Jesus is going to come back and judge.  Those that are born again, repented and trusted Jesus, will end up in heaven a utopia where everyone will be doing it God’s way.  There will be no sin, no tears, no pain.  We will rejoice because Jesus is there.  Then I ask them if they are are good person and take them through the good person test and share the gospel with them again.  I have had a great response to this every time.  I do not use the same exact words every time but some version of this.

Krista has been joining CCN Bible Studies Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday each week online.  She also goes witnessing with us every Friday night in Pottstown.  Here she is  sharing the gospel with a local young man.

Tom has been teaching on Monday nights, he has been going through “Discovering the glorious Gospel” by Paul David Washer.  Tom also teaches on Wednesday nights.  Above you can see Tom preaching the gospel before a football game.  We all try and find places where people are gathering so that we can share the gospel with as many people as possible.

Cliff always has deep insight into what we are talking about at Bible Study.  He is always studied up on the current subject.  Here you can see him sharing the good news with this women on Friday.

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