Training up others

This month Laura asked to be trained up Laura to paint and share the gospel using the Preach-O-Matic.  She spent time at my house learning and practicing.  She learned to make the letters and how to preach and paint at the same time.  She practiced painting and preaching at my house and then did it for the first time at Pitt.

It was very exciting to see her share the gospel via the board.

We had a very long conversation with a young Jewish Pitt student named Ari.  he stood and talked to us for a very long time.  He had lots of good questions to ask us.  We talked about how we knew there is a God and how we knew it is the God of the Bible.  We talked about how we know there is a God by the fact of morals and logic.  Pray that this young man will repent and trust Jesus.

I got an update about a young lady that I shared the gospel with 2 years ago and left SRU to avoid temptation.  She is still walking with the Lord and she is still so very grateful for hearing the gospel.  It was such an encouraging email to receive.

I shared the gospel in the rain and in the shine. The students have been really open to hearing the gospel this month.  Students have come back to talk and ask questions.  I have students in Bible Study at Pitt and Slippery Rock.  God has really been blessing my ministry.

My church had a Trunk or Treat.  I got to share the gospel with people from our church’s neighborhood that have never been to our church before tonight.

 It was awesome.  I gave everyone a bracelet with 6 different colors on it and a card that explains the gospel using the colors and then went through the gospel with everyone and then the kids got to pick a free stuffed animal.  

 It was a wonderful night of sharing the gospel.

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