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Wonderful Witnessing in Texas

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We are so very grateful for everyone that supports us.  We can only do this due to financial support.  Thank you for everyone that supports us monthly. 

Francisco is in the picture above is pictured sharing the gospel in Austin Texas.  He is taking this couple through an IQ test that helps him get into conversations with people.  Then he will transition to the gospel.

Most of the college campuses that we minister on have finished for the summer.  Texas campus leaders have 2 more weeks.  We have all enjoyed sharing the gospel.  We are planning an outreach this summer to NYC, and we are excited to be able to witness together.  The summer allows us to participate in many different outreach opportunities like having kids clubs, booths, or going to farmer’s markets and tournaments.

In this photo, Thomas is sharing the gospel at the local Farmers Market. Tracts are a great way to get conversations going.

Tom sharing the gospel with people in the community. These big signs are another great way to start conversations.

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