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Repent and Witness OC Maryland

Mary said: “The young lady in this picture on the left is 19 years old. She was hanging out with her little sister. When I asked her if she thought she was a good person, she said no. She was very humble and you could tell that she had a hurting heart. She said that her grandmother had told her about the Bible, but when her grandmother died, she turned away from Christ. I told her that perhaps her grandmother’s prayers, or what put us together on that day to talk about her eternal salvation. I asked her if she had a Bible, and she said that she did not, so I gave her a Bible and my information and I’m hoping to hear from her. She truly touched my heart.”

Andre Said: “I was doing the IQ test with these 3 teenage girls. They started out laughing and joking and were having fun. When I switched to the good person test and started asking if they had lied, stolen, or blasphemed God’s name, the two girls on the left one by one peeled off. The girl on the far right stayed there looking shocked. You could see she was convicted of her sins before God. I then shared the good news of Jesus Christ with her. She didn’t say a word she just stared at the ground. She then quickly left to join her friends. I pray that the message she heard would lead her to repentance towards God and trust in Jesus Christ!”

Joe Said: This guy actually approached me asking if he could find a place to lock his bike. Little did he know I was going to give him some potentially life altering information. I pointed to the bike rack close to us before asking him if he thought there was an afterlife. I forget his answer, although, I know he wasn’t a believer so I asked him if he thought he was a good person. We went through the law and he admitted that he wasn’t good and would have to go to hell. He was very calm the entire time but seemed interested in what I had to say. I then told him how he could get right with God through repentance and faith in Jesus because of what Jesus did. He didn’t say he was ready to do so, but he told me he would think about it. I urged him to do so. I hope he thinks about it soon and arrives at the conclusion that Jesus is the only way to find peace with God and eternal life!

These two young men, Brayden and Cody,  took the IQ test and were very surprised by the good person test. While we were talking about the Gospel, Brayden asked what the end game was. I didn’t know what he meant, but he asked again and then asked how much we got paid to be there. He was floored when I explained we all paid to be there. He said we all seemed like nice people, so why would we do all this?! That was when he and  Cody started to understand the seriousness of everything we had talked about. Hell is real and it’s worse than we can imagine and it lasts forever. Say a prayer for them. There was some conviction there.  Seeds were planted, here’s hoping for growth and fruit.

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