Teaching other ministries to share the gospel

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I had the privilege of speaking at Grove City College for a college ministry named DRIVE.  They go out into the world and do skits to music to share the gospel.  After they draw a crowd they go around and talk to people to share the gospel with them.  I was able to share with them why they needed to use the law and show that God is a just God when sharing the gospel.  I showed them how to share the gospel and helped them to practice sharing the gospel.  They asked many good questions about how to give an asnwer to different questions, which I gave them answers for and also pointed them to books they could use to help them to give a good answer to the unsaved. I left them with an envelop of information about future resources they could use to get better at sharing the gospel.  DRIVE is a ministry that would be included in our 6th pillar called “Gifts, Tallents and Abilities”.  Students using the gifts that God gave them to give glory to God.

Here is the list that I gave them:

Learn to share the gospel and answer the top 10 questions and a several other trainings


Watch videos of others sharing the gospel this way  Living Waters University

Listen to two wonderful free messages that will change your life



Places to get Tracts









Get 30 free tracts a month


Books that will help you  share your faith

God has a wonderful plan for your life by Ray Comfort

Tactics by Greg Koukl

Apologetics:  A Justification of Christian Beliefs by John Frame

The Ultimate Proof of Creation resolving the origins debate by Jason Lisle

Websites you can go to for answers



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