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What are you doing?

“Mary tells us the following story.

What are you doing?”Asked police officer, I replied, “ I’m handing out gospel tracts. “
Officer C told me he didn’t want anything to do with gospel tracks. He grew up in a Catholic Church but left the church. I told him that I understood why he left the Catholic faith since he had to work so hard to please God and that becomes very tiring. I explained to Officer C that as a police officer, he understood the law, and that when he arrested violators of the law, they would have to eventually stand before a judge to get fined or sent to jail or both. Officer C said he was only a paycheck, they don’t send people to jail anymore, they just let them go.  I told him that in God’s court room you just can’t walk away, you will be put on trial and found guilty or innocent. All are guilty before God, there is one way to walk out of the courtroom, free. Having Christ as your defense attorney trusting in His work that he accomplished on the cross. When Christ suffered and died on the cross, and rose again, he paid our fine for breaking God’s Law. When we admit were sinners, and confess our sins and trust in him we can be found innocent only because Christ paid our fine by shedding his blood for us. Officer C told me that he had never heard the gospel put that way. We spoke for 20 minutes or more.

I was able to speak to many people in Boston During an outreach with Open Air Campaigners. IAlso, we held a kids club at a local park in Chelsea for a week. A Spanish Baptist church in that area partnered with us as we reached out into the community to share the gospel with children. We had many children come with their parents and the gospel was proclaimed five days in a row. The church emailed and said that two families have come to church through that outreach. it was a wonderful blessing to be part of this. I hope to go back next year.

I have started Bible study back at East Carolina university. We meet on Thursday nights from 7 to 9. This year we are focusing on dismantling evolution. Many students that I speak with say that science is the greatest threat to their Christian faith. True science, observational science is a Christian’s best friend. You can trust the Bible. We will be using a book by Russ Miller, titled The Cost.

Please pray for the students at the Bible study, for me, and Officer C.

Thank you for those of you who help to support me in this ministry. Without you I would not be able to continue. You are a blessing to me. Please consider partnering with me financially as I continue to reach out into the world to share the gospel. Tracts, Bibles, food and books for Bible study, gas, parking, and much more are far more expensive than they were last year. Please consider helping me to continue in taking the Gospel into this world.


Andre said, I praise God for the opportunity we had to share the Good News of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world. Last Friday, we had many conversations, handed out many gospel tracts, and glorified God. I look forward to going back on the college campus now that the summer is coming to a close!

Above is a picture of Emmet going through the IQ Test that will lead to a gospel conversation with a young man. He was a student of Andre’s and has returned and wants to continue to go out and share the gospel.


I spent a week in Boston this month. In the evenings we did kids clubs for unchurched kids. Pray for all the kids who heard the gospel. The parents heard the gospel as well. The lessons were given in English and Spanish. We had 47 kids show up to the clubs. The local church had gone door to door ahead of time and invited the neighborhood kids. Then during the week we walked around the neighborhood and invited the families for free games, stories, and food.

The evening would start with a short story and a magic trick that went along with the trick. Then we did a hangman with a short Bible verse that went along with the theme for the evening. Then we would teach the kids a song with movements that are silly. We would give the main story next. You can see me going over the story of Lazarus above. After the story we would give out a lesson that all the helpers would sit down with the kids and make sure they understood the lesson in a one-to-one fashion with a homework sheet that included a verse for the child to memorize for the next day. The kids would get points for each activity and memorizing verses and prizes were given at the end of the week. It was a great week of sharing the gospel.

Here you can see Tim going over the lesson with the kids. He is making sure that they understood the story and the lesson that was presented. Tim was helping them complete the homework and memorize a verse. Tim had a great week in Boston sharing the gospel with the kids and sharing the gospel in downtown Boston.

We want to thank you so much for your support and help through the years. We could not do this without your prayers and financial support.

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