A Wonderful Season

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Tis the season for spreading the good news!  And with Jesus as the reason it has truly been a joyous season. 

Campus Leader Cliff shared this account of witnessing to a Salvation Army volunteer recently where he noted that while it was by no means his last it certainly was his most memorable encounter.  

Exposed to the frigid temps that day from bell ringing and collecting money for the old red kettle Nicole appeared to be cold and hungry. So Cliff bought her something to eat.  After presenting this shivering soldier with a sandwich and a side of salvation in the form of a gospel tract he asked if she was a Christian. 

Better than that… she replied. Catholic!

Nicole’s response was one that Cliff would not soon forget. ;Nevertheless, he proceeded to ask her how to get to heaven and afterwards took her through the Ten Commandments.  

But because the Bible teaches us that every person will proclaim their own goodness (Pr. 20:6), sometimes even after being confronted with God’s moral standard, Cliff was prepared to hear Nicole attempting to justifying herself.  

After pressing upon her the holiness of God Nicole finally came to grips with the understanding that her works, no matter how good, could not please God.  However, when presented with the Grace of Jesus Christ Nicole looked Cliff intently in the eye and that’s when he knew a seed of righteousness had been planted.

This year CCN Discipleship Leader Andre was involved with a Christmas Caroling Outreach in Pottstown, PA. After supporting Wings of Victory ministry in giving out Christmas presents to people in the community Andre and this merry band of carolers hit the streets. Many residents that night heard the joyful noise of familiar Christmas songs mixed with the wondrous proclamation of the gospel. To God be the glory!

AJ did not want to take a tract but the light at the intersection between “faith” and “intellect” was red. So, CCN President Jen, wasting no time, took the opportunity to ask if he considered himself to be a good person. Upon which she then walked him through the moral law. However, when AJ was asked whether he would go to hell he responded by claiming the Bible was not relevant because those who wrote it, he surmised, simply “lacked science”. Undeterred, Jen pointed out that murder and lying was wrong 6,000 years ago and it is still wrong to this very day. That it didn’t matter from one era to another, whether people wore sandals in the desert or snaekers in the city, morals and logic do not change. Intrigued, AJ stood there through several red lights listening as Jen reasoned with him. In the end, AJ admitted he did not want to go to hell and he thanked Jen for doing God’s work. Pray for AJ.

It was another great night for outreach at Pitt as students wrapped up finals and began to look forward to the winter break ahead. Campus Leader Gene and his humble assistant had several good conversations with people from diverse backgrounds. Here Gene’s assistant campus leader is speaking with a young student from India who grew up in a Buddhist household. It was a wonderful semester of witnessing and after a short recess Gene and his assistant will be back at it again in January!

CCN campus leaders are not immune to discouragement and from time to time can even become so before going out and witnessing. Remember to keep our campus missionaries in prayer before, during, and especially after their regularly scheduled weekly outreach events. They will be encouraged by your thoughtfulness in lifting them up in prayer giving them the much needed courage to share Christ and him crucified aboard our college campuses.

NKU Campus Leaders Eric and Leah go out regularly each month to the abortion clinic in their local area. Their mission is simply to share the gospel with expectant mothers and save their babies. Please keep Eric and Leah in constant prayer as they fight the good fight of the faith on the front-lines.

As we close out another successful year of campus outreach we look forward to our continued partnership with you, our “co-missionaries” in Christ, in the months ahead. Thank you once again for your generous support in 2018! Your help by prayerful interest, and, where possible, practical aid has made a tremendous difference.

Happy New Year!  

“…may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”;- Romans 15:13

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