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Testimony of Coming to Christ

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This gentleman pictured above came over to ask Cliff to stop preaching because he was being convicted of his sins.  That is what the preaching of the gospel should do.  People should be convicted of their sins and moved by the Holy Spirit to repent and trust on the Lord Jesus Christ.  Andre and Cliff have been going out every week to preach the gospel in their town.  They are a wonderful witness.

Above is a wonderful testimony about our Campus Leaders from Texas.  We are grateful to Cap City Gospel for recording this testimony.


Here is the Ministry update from UT Campus Leaders:


  • In the month of July, the ministry relocated from the Texas State Capitol to Republic Square Park in downtown Austin. We have been going out every Saturday (and some Fridays) to evangelize the lost. This new location has two bus stops, a large group of homeless individuals who hang out nearby, and a recurring farmer’s market which attracts many customers.
  • Our Thursday night Zoom Bible Study continues strong. This month we watched Voddie Baucham’s sermon “Getting the Gospel Right,” Jeff Durbin’s sermon “Being a Godly Trouble Marker,” and a special teaching session by Matthew Watkins entitled “Reverence for His Name” from Malachi 4. We also recognized the need for a more systematic study of the Scriptures and so we have started R.C. Sproul’s Bible Study entitled “Foundations: An Overview of Systematic Theology.” We pray that this series will help build a solid foundation for our ministry.

Jenifer has been holding kids clubs are two different locations in Pittsburgh.  The last kids club of the season there were 20 kids and 9 parents.  They all heard the story of the rich young ruler.  It was a wonderful transition to the gospel.  Jenifer came up with games and activities each week.  There were giant 6 foot bubbles, making tie-dye shirts, chalk, chalk paint, regular painting, making bracelets, and tons of games she found on YouTube.  Each week there was a story about Jesus, a word puzzle with a Bible verse and a gospel message.  With Covid there was not much for the kids to do but the kids and the parents were grateful for 1 thing a week for them to do.

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