Holidays allow for ministry opportunities

I spoke at an evangelism conference.  I talked about how I do campus ministry.  I showed people how to use all the tools that I use while on the college campus.  I also talked about discipleship and the tools that I use to teach the students on college campuses.

Several of the people that attended the conference went out and share the gospel for the very first time.  It was a good time of fellowship and learning.

I had students go out and share the gospel at SRU this month while I was not there.  

I went to the veterans day parade with 2 other CCN Volunteers. We were able to hand out tracts and talk to so many people.  We had people thank us for being there and were grateful to hear the gospel. Below you can see a picture of Dennis sharing the gospel with a young lady that served in the same area that he did while in the Marines.  They had a long conversation and she shook his hand in the end.

We handed out tracts and talked to people at the holiday parade.  We got gospel tracts into the hands of Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses which is a miracle, Planned Parenthood escorts(which is another miracle) and Black Hebrew Israelite.  We witnessed to so many people it was such a blessing.

November has been such a blessed month of ministry.  I have had so many good conversations with students.  The students are always surprised when they get answers to questions that they thought would stump you.

I also went to Light Up Night in Downtown Pittsburgh to hand out tracts, witness and help some high school students share the gospel for the very first time.  It was a wonderful night.  I will be going every year from this point on.  I had so many amazing conversations.  I talked to a Hindu gentleman, a Muslim, encouraged several Christians to learn to share the faith.  I shared the gospel so so many people. It was a very encouraging evening.

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