From Mormon to Christian

From Mormon to Christian

This video below in the link is a young lady getting baptized.  I friended her on Facebook.  It turned out she went to the Church of the Latter-Day Saints.   I messaged her back and forth over and over again about the gospel, about what do Mormons believe vs what does the Bible say.  She left the Mormon church and went to a Christian Church.  I saw pictures of her on Facebook back at the Mormon Church a little bit later.  I asked her about it and she was like they are not as loving at the Christian Church.  We talked about how the Mormons do Love Bombing.  I showed her how the Mormons say that they do love Bombing on their own website( they do not use the words love bombing, but their training says how they friend people).  We talked about getting the gospel right and how important it was that she has the right gospel and the right Jesus.  I pleaded with her.  I told her she did not want to go to hell because the Christian church was not as loving as the one that would take her to hell.  She found a good church and has been being discipled by the pastor and his wife.  Here she is getting baptized.

I had a young man named Asher at SRU stop to talk to me. His girlfriend has been making him go to a campus church group and he wanted to know what was the death of Jesus on the cross all about. We had a wonderful conversation and he shook my hand and thanked me for answering his questions. I had so many good conversations today at SRU. Pray for everyone that heard the gospel.

I had so many wonderful conversations before the Coronavirus hit. These past few months have been a joy on the college campuses. All of the colleges that I go to each week will be shut down for the year. When everything starts to open up I will go downtown on Saturdays and do abortion ministry on other days.

I got a message that the CCN website would get shut down in 60 days and I have to find a new location for the website. This means that I am having to recreate the entire website from scratch. This is an enormous amount of work so I am so grateful for the time that I will not be on college campuses.

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