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CCN University of Texas November Newsletter

Giving Thanks Always and For Everything!

Giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ”  Ephesians 5:20 (ESV)

November is known as a month to give thanks! But in Ephesians 5:20 Paul tells us that we are to give thanks ALWAYS and for EVERYTHING! For this reason, we have been giving thanks to God throughout 2020. When everyone else seemed to be worried about the Coronavirus and their own mortality, we gave thanks to God for all the opportunities we had to share the gospel and the hope of eternal life. When racial tensions and civil unrest had everyone on edge, we gave thanks to God for allowing us to proclaim the one true message of reconciliation. When everyone else seemed to be fretting about the outcome of the elections, we gave thanks to God for allowing us to announce the truth that JESUS IS KING!!!

God, we thank you for the many opportunities we had to share our faith with others this year! We thank you for a very successful year in ministry. We thank you for all the students we talked to, for all the homeless we ministered to, for all the individuals that we engaged with the gospel and we pray for their salvation. 

Lord, we thank you for faithful street preachers and evangelist in Austin and the surrounding areas. We thank you that your message is still going out. Lord, we pray for revival and a transformed campus for Christ.  

We “give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever!”

Ministry Update

    • We faithfully continue to minister at the University of Texas campus three times a week and conduct a weekly online Systematic Theology study.
    • We had some very fruitful interactions with some international students and a couple of them even came with us to church. 
    • Campus Leader Tom McLaughlin had a very good discussion with some Mormon missionaries on Campus (see the picture above).
    • We faithfully continue to minister at Republic Square Park every Saturday, bringing water, snacks, clothing, and the message of the gospel.
    • Opposition has been increasing at this location from the coordinators of the local farmer’s market. Law enforcement has been called on us several times this month.
    • We have witnessed at the local Planned Parenthood several times this month, with some faithful brothers from Killen, Texas. This is a new location for us.
    • We obtained some materials (signs, tracts, etc.) from to help us with this ministry. Praise God. 

Praise Reports

  • We praise God for all the students that He continues brings to us, especially international students.
  • We praise God for all the faithful brothers and sisters who join us every week. They are such a great source of encouragement.
  • We praise God for the opposition that we are facing at Republic Square park because this means that the message is being heard!
  • We praise God for allowing us to ministry in so many different places, and in so many different ways. 

Prayer Request

  • Please pray for everyone that we interact with, that their hearts would be opened, and that they would repent and trust in Christ. Please pray for the students, the parkgoers, the homeless, the individuals at the abortion clinic, and everyone else.
  • Please pray specifically for the international students and Mormon missionaries on campus.
  • Please pray for a young lady that we met earlier this month who was living out on the streets. 
  • Please pray that God would grant us favor with law enforcement at Republic Square.
  • Please pray for Campus Leader Tom Foster’s wife Tammi, who recently underwent shoulder surgery. 

Campus Leader Tom Foster and Jacob Miller from Killen Bible Church share the gospel with a gentleman at Republic Square Park. 

Campus Leader Tom McLaughlin doing the good person test with a young lady who was visiting Austin from Portland, Oregon. 

Campus Leader Francisco Nieves running through the IQ Test with a Father and Son duo at the park. 

At Planned Parenthood, near downtown Austin, witnessing and attempting to wake up the Church from their slumber on this issue! 

Ryan Denton from Christ in the Wild Ministries engaging local law enforcement. 

Rain or shine, the gospel goes out! 

Ministering to a young homeless lady. Please be in prayer for her. 

Ministering with some brothers from out of town. 

A track from 2016?

A street preacher on wheels!!!

Proclaiming the gospel makes him dance!!!

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