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Training Up Others

I try and share the gospel with as many people on the college campus as possible.  However it is better to train up others and duplicate yourself so that others can be doing the work of the Lord as well.  Then the gospel can go out to more people.  Last semester I taught through Tactics by Greg Koukl.   Now I am teaching through “Relativism Feet Firmly planted Upside Down”  I am really enjoying teaching on Tuesday evenings.  Everyone is learning how to share the Christian faith.

Here is Terry sharing the gospel on SRU.  She has been in my Evangelism study on Tuesday nights.  She has known how to share the gospel like this for a while but this was the first time she went out and used these skills.  She did a great job and will be joining me next week.  She shared the gospel with tons of people.

I gave Beth information about how to share the gospel Way of the Master style and she learned quickly and went out witnessing with me the next week after Terry.  They both will be going with me next week.  Training up new people to share the gospel on the college campus is one of the most important things we do at CCN.  It is so exciting to see others on fire for Jesus.  Beth shared the gospel with at least 10 people in 1 hours.  Watching Beth and Terry was so encouraging.

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