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The Campus Mission Tour has been planned

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The 2022 Campus Mission Tour will be in Pittsburgh this year.  on March 26, 2022 we will be having an Evangelism Crash Course.  Then we will be going to college campuses March 28-29th and having teachings in the evenings.  We are very excited about this event.  If you would like to join us you can see the schedule at  You can sign up at  If you have allways wanted to learn to share the Christian faith please consider joining us.

This man was heckling us as we were open air preaching outside the University of Texas Men’s Basketball game. He was saying that what we were doing was not “loving”. I pointed out that the most loving thing we can do was to let people know how to get out of going to hell and that is exactly what we were doing.

CCN Campus Leaders and Christians from all over central Texas convened at the State Capitol to sing Psalms inside.

Mary always has a wonderful time sharing the gospel at ECU.  We are happy to have her on the team.  She hands our tons of tracts and gets into many conversations.

Please pray for our up coming Campus Mission Tour.

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