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Sharing the gospel with as many as possible

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One of our main goals is to share the gospel with many people as possible. We love using IQ tests to start gospel conversations. You can see Tom sharing the gospel with students at a local college in Texas. We show people that they have broken God’s law and God is just. God will punish sin wherever it is found. God is also merciful. Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, lived a perfect life, died on the cross and took the full wrath of God completely for sin. Jesus rose from the grave three days later proving He is God and only He can pay our fine. We explain that a person must repent and trust that Jesus paid the penalty for sin. Praise that Lord that we get to share the gospel over and over again each day.

In Pittsburgh, Jen shares the gospel every week at three different college campuses. 

Jen recently talked to a young woman from Sweden and asked her what she thought happened after you die. She told me that all souls are gathered up and they all go to a good place. I asked her if those people that were really bad deserve judgment in the afterlife? She said yes, but she didn’t think they received judgment. I asked her if there was a God? She thought yes, there’s some sort of spiritual being in charge. I then explained to her the difference between impersonal matter and forces versus personal matter and those of us with a personality with emotions, etc. Next, I explained to her that she had never seen the impersonal create a personal, which proves God must be a personal being, because God created man. I showed her why God is a Triune God (one God exists in three equally divine “Persons,” Father, Son, and Spirit). I then was able to share the gospel with her and asked her if she had any questions. She told me it was a lot to take in and thanked me for talking to her. Pray for Allison.

The biblical doctrine of the Trinity shows that God does not need people. If he was not a Triune personal God, then He would need people so that His characteristics could be defined. Lastly, since God is a Trinity, He has perfect fellowship without people. Mercy, Love, etc., all can be defined based on His relationship within the Godhead.

In the Pittsburgh area, we spent three days witnessing at local community days events. We set-up a booth to share the gospel from 10 am to 8 pm. Setting up a booth at an event is one of the best opportunities to witness to many people. We talk to about ten groups of people per hour. A pastor in the area shared with me, “this is a really church-ed area, so I am not sure who you are going to share the gospel with.” I explained to him that many people that I talk to go to church every week and they have no idea how to explain the gospel to another person. I am pretty sure they do not know the gospel at all even after going to church most of their lives. Just because people go to church every week does not mean they are saved or even know the gospel. I went to church for two years in Seattle and never heard the gospel message.

Another way for many people to hear the gospel is to go to a local big sports game and stop light preach, which is where you open air preach on the corner. While people are waiting to cross, you share a quick gospel message like the following:

The million dollar question is: If you died today, would you go to heaven or hell? Here is a quick test. If you ever told one lie, stole one thing or hated one person, God sees you as a liar, thief and a murderer at heart. If God judges you by the 10 Commandments, you would be guilty and go to hell. But, God is rich in mercy and sent his only Son Jesus to live a perfect life on Earth. Jesus did not break one of God’s laws. Jesus died on the cross taking the full wrath of God in your place. He was buried and rose from the grave three days later. You need to repent and trust that Jesus paid your fine completely, if you want to go to heaven. Repent and trust Jesus today.”

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