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Sharing the gospel in Spanish

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I love when we have people with us that can share the gospel in other languages. Here you can see the gospel being shared in Spanish at the Texas state capital by Javier.

Tom and Francisco have been sharing the gospel at the state capital on the weekends. They both went to the Superbowl outreach and shared the gospel with thousands of people this month. 

Mary is talking to students at North Carolina State University. The University has lost several students to suicide this year, and the students are hurting.

One young lady, a Roman Catholic, told Mary that the difference between Christians and Roman Catholics is that Christians read their Bibles. That is the telling statement, not only for Roman Catholics but for many self-proclaimed Christians. They meet a Jesus through experience or tradition, but they don’t know the true Jesus of the Bible. Why? they don’t read the Bible.

CCN has a great opportunity to bring the word of God on the campus to introduce the true Savior of the Bible.

Thank you for your support so that we can go out and share the gospel every month.

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