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Tear Jerkier

DeAndre was walked through the law by Cliff. It dawned on him that he was going to go to hell. This is far, far from where he thought he would end up. His eyes welled up and he went silent. He was looking at Cliff right in his eyes. Cliff just about lost it and cried. Cliff asked  now that you know where you are going to end up why not repent now. He just could not do it now. Cliff prayed for him. Cliff believes the Holy Spirit convicted him. Pray for this young mans soul. We want to see him in heaven some day.

The gentleman in yellow was converted to Judaism. Cliff took him through the law and the gospel. Cliff showed him how the gospel always pointed to Christ. Cliff quoted Gal 3:24-26 So then, the law was our guardian until Christ came, in order that we might be justified by faith.But now that faith has come, we are no longer under a guardian ,for in Christ Jesus you are all sons of God, through faith.”  Then Cliff went on to share the gospel with him. Pray he repents and places his faith in Jesus.

The barbecue festival in Kinston, North Carolina, gave Zach, a student at ECU, a chance to put into practice what we’ve been working on all year, Evangelism. Mary and Zach handed out about 2000 tracts, and Zach had a great opportunity to talk to a young man for a while about his salvation. Zach and the young man exchanged numbers , And will be in touch with one another.

This summer Mary will attend several festivals, sharing the gospel. Also, CCN’s group at ECU will continue to meet via zoom to keep in touch and challenge each other with the Word of God.  They are studying to defend the Bible against many cults that come on campus. The apostle Paul told us not to believe another gospel, not to trust another Christ, and not to accept another spirit. There are many cults offering another Gospel. these days to the world. You have to read the Bible so that you can be ready to recognize the lies.

Andre led an outreach  from his church into the surrounding community. Andre answered many questions from Sereena, the lady on front row next to left end person. She believed we are all living in hell now. After sharing bible verses with her she asked Andre’s wife and I to pray for her. Sereena says she stopped going to church before because she felt people are being too judgmental towards her. Finally she agreed to come and visit Andre’s church this Sunday.  Pray she shows up.

I Jenifer, asked the gentleman above if he was going to heaven or hell when he died and he said hell. Then I took him through the good person test and he asked me how I knew there was a heaven and a hell. I told him that he knew it was wrong when people died. The Bible says that people have eternity written on their hearts and that is why you know it is wrong for people to die. However, people die because they have broken God’s laws. God’s laws are written on their hearts as well. He told me that he did not want to be evil. He did not think he could stop doing bad things. I told him that he has a sin nature and that every other person has that same sin nature. God loves us so much that he sent his son Jesus who lived the perfect life and died on the cross for the sins of those that repent and trust in Jesus.  He wanted to know how I knew that Jesus died and rose from the grave. How did I know that Paul did not just say that? I explained that Jesus claimed to be God. I talked to him about Jesus saying ” Before Abraham, I AM” John 8:58 (ESV).  I explained that Mosses asked who should I say sent me and God called himself I AM. I reminded him that after Jesus said before Abraham …” they picked up stones to throw at him, but Jesus hid himself and went out of the temple.” John 8:59 (ESV) They knew that Jesus was claiming to be God. He asked about science claiming the earth was much older. I told him statistically it can be shown that if you start with 8 people at the time of Noah then you end up with the number of people that we have on the earth today. We talked a bit more about the age of the earth and I think he was tired of me being able to answer his questions and he said he needed to look for his bus.

Go preach the gospel to everyone. Every human being has worth and value because they are made in the image of God. Jesus died on the cross for everyone that repents and puts their faith in Jesus.

If you are depressed and hate yourself. Please know that you have worth and value. The God of the universe took the time to create you in his image. You were formed in your mothers womb. Call out to God. Ask him to forgive you for the laws that you have broken and trust that Jesus is Lord and died on the cross for your sin. Repent and trust Jesus.

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