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Teaching X-Amish

A friend of mine lives in Amish country and knows about 15 X-Amish. They were Amish and then read the Bible and got saved. They were shunned after they got saved. They wanted to learn to share the gospel so they could witness to their family members. I was asked to spend a day teaching them. I taught them why to use the law when witnessing. I talked about true and false conversions. I had them practice handing out gospel tracts. I showed them how to walk people through the good person test and then taught them basic apologetics and allowed them to practice all they learned on each other. They spent time grilling me like I was witnessing to the Amish so they could see what answers I would give. It turns out that witnessing to the Amish is like witnessing to a Catholic. It is a works-based religion. They trust in keeping the rules, dressing a certain way, and not using technology. I always take people out to share the gospel after I teach them. We went to the local tractor supply and I talked to two of their mothers-in-law. One of those mothers-in-law I talked to was shunning them. They were very excited.  Pray that they all continue to go out and share the gospel. 


I was able to talk to three Mormons about their faith. I asked them several questions. I cannot remember all of them but a few they did not have answers for so that was exciting. I gave them a few verses about there only being one God and asked them how they could become a God. They told me that they would be God because of Rev 3:21. I explained that the one that overcomes and sits on the thrown in Jesus and they would not become Gods of their own planet someday. I pointed out verses about who went to hell and showed them that did not match who they believed would go to hell.  I asked them if it bothered them that the Bible said if even an angel would come to them with a different gospel they would be cursed and showed them that they have a different gospel. It was a very good conversation. Please pray that God would open their eyes to the true gospel. 

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