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Taking every opportunity

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Mary shared the Gospel with Michael who  claimed to be a Muslim. After sharing the gospel she told him that she knew it was not a mistake that they met that day. Mary told him she felt that he was at a fork in the road and he needed to make a decision on who he would serve. She asked if he would take a Bible. At first he said no then Mary reminded him that he said that he thought about death a lot and maybe he should investigate Jesus then he said yes! So he walked with her back to her car and Mary gave him a Bible, and that is when she asked him if she could take his picture. He was a very sweet young man.

Tim enjoyed preaching the gospel in the rain at Williamsburg.  Many heard the gospel.  Tim enjoyed the fellowship of several other evangelists that were in town this month.  It is always wonderful to go out to glorify God with other Christians.

The picture shows Tom starting a conversation open air preaching and that drew a crowd so that Tom and Thomas could also get into conversations.  While the campuses are shutdown, they have been going to the state capitol to share the gospel and their time has been very fruitful.

The Pottstown PA evangelism crew is amazing.  Normally it is only when you have big events that you have a large group sharing the gospel but in Pottstown it happens all the time. May God grant these kinds of groups to form all over the country.  

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