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Proclaiming the Gospel Amid a National Pandemic

Since news broke several weeks ago concerning a nationwide pandemic several businesses have since closed (some permanently), classrooms emptied, even church buildings shut their doors as millions were ordered home under quarantine.

Though the impact of closures brought on by coronavirus has been felt by all, one thing this national health crisis did not cancel was the proclamation of the Gospel.

The Necessity of the Gospel

Proclaiming hope in a seemingly hopeless world can appear to be a daunting task during times like these. Yet the street evangelist understands, much to the same accord as that of the apostle Paul, that “necessity is laid upon me” in preaching the word (1 Cor. 9:16).

On a small street corner in an urban center of Pottstown, PA CCN Campus Leaders Andre and Cliff present the good news free of charge to passersby.

People gathered momentarily and listened as both men took turns open-air preaching along the busy intersection.

Many wonderful conversations took place that afternoon much to the delight of Cliff who remarked: “It was good to get out and proclaim [the] goodness of God by the public proclamation of His Word”.

Facemask Evangelism

Face masks and mouth coverings have seen an increase in popularity since the outbreak. But they’ve also now become a requirement before entering certain establishments.

In a recent blog post, CCN President Jenifer shares with fellow evangelists how to make the most of every opportunity during a global pandemic while encouraging gospel conversations with strangers.

“We all need to cover up during the pandemic,” writes Jenifer. 

“We should be using [this] to our advantage to share the gospel with those we interact with.” 

If you are in need of a little inspiration for a bold witnessing idea check out the rest of Jenifer’s blog post here.

Spread the Word, Not Infection

Recently several CCN Campus Missionaries shared some fun and unique ways to spread the good word without spreading infection. Here are a few favorite and funny examples.

“Check’s in the mail”

Including a gospel tract in the business reply envelope along with your monthly bill payment is a great way to spread the word!

Love thy neighbor…from a distance

“Viral” Video Testimonies

Several CCN Campus Leaders took to social media during the quarantine to share their testimony over the world wide web. You can watch Campus Leader Tim Jackson’s video testimony here.

By the way…

Have you noticed anything new? That’s right! CCN’s website has recently gotten a new makeover! It was a laborious task creating, designing, and moving hundreds of instructional files and videos over to the new website. But CCN President Jenifer had plenty of assistance. She enlisted the help of her son in moving over stuff from campus central to the new website. So, the next time you see him be sure to thank him for all of his hard work!

Lastly, CCN would like to thank you, our donors and prayer partners, in continuing to support us during these trying times. We know that many of our family and friends have encountered some loss due to coronavirus whether that of a loved one or the loss of a job. We appreciate your continued support throughout this current health crisis. Please know that regardless of our nation’s current situation CCN remains steadfast in its commitment to reaching the lost and disciple the found.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

Stay safe and God bless,


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