Logical Questions

When they tell a story to prove their point:

  • Think about answer. Is it possible? Is it plausible? Is it probable?
  • Please Explain how that works?

It is irrational to believe in God.

  • What is irrational about believing in God?

Science disproves God

  • God is immaterial, unchanging and always existed so Science cannot disprove God.

There is no proof of God.

  • What proof would be acceptable?
  • How do you know that is True?

There is no absolute truth.

  • Are you absolutely sure?

Bible is written by men.

  • Do you read other books and are they written by men?
  • Do they have truth and are there ones without errors?

It is wrong to force your views on others.

  • Aren’t you forcing your view on me? You are trying to force me to not tell others my view.
  • Do you vote? Isn’t that forcing your opinion on others