Manuscript Evidence

When you are looking at the accuracy of an ancient text you want to look at the number to copies and how close to the original were the copies made.  This is called contextual criticism.  The Bible is 99.99..% accurate. If you look at other ancient texts you will see that the Bible is leaps and bounds ahead of other books.

Existing Manuscripts

Plato 7

Aristotle 49

New Testament 24,633 + (5,600 are Greek)

Homers Iliad 643


Years removed from earliest manuscript

Plato ~1200

Aristotle ~1400

New Testament ~80 years

Homer’s Iliad ~500 years


This chart is from Matt Slicks book “Cristian Defense Manual.”  If you do not own this book you should go buy it now.  It is much more useful that Evidence that demands a Verdict.  Matt writes the book for people that will actually use the information while witnessing.